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Our top-quality editorial, publishing and marketing services will make it simple, quick and affordable for you to publish/ self-publish your book.

Services We Offer

UPH is a one stop publishing house for all your publishing needs.

Book Publishing

UPH invites prospective authors to publish/ self-publish their books. Authors are extended full support for publishing their Books as well as Edited Volumes. Authors are given full control over their content.

Conference Proceedings

Are you hosting a National or International Conference? UPH provides consultancy and support for publishing the proceedings of Conferences in the form of a Book or a Journal (in case of series of Conference).

Journal Publication

Register your Journal with us and we will work with you to provide consultancy and support for organising your Journal, conducting the peer-review process and in the entire publication process.

Thesis & Dissertation

Have you completed a thesis or dissertation and would like to publish it as a monograph or a book. UPH provides full support for transforming your thesis or dissertation into published work.

Creating Project Websites

UPH extends its publishing service for web-publishing of project websites. Get in touch with us if you need to develop a Conference website, faculty web-page or any other kind of web related service.

Journal Archiving Service

UPH provides an archiving service for offline Journals (so that there content can be made available online to the academic community) as well as Journals that are no longer able to maintain themselves online.

Benefits of Publishing with Unific Publishing House.

We provide you with state-of-the-art pubishing resources that will make the entire process of publishing your work exciting, enjoyable and really worth your time.

Personalized Service

At UPH, we work very closely with all our authors and provide a personalized service catering to your specific needs and requirements at every level of the publication stage.

Uncompromising Focus on Quality

The focus at UPH is to provide you with speedy publication of your work without compromising on quality of the content and its presentation. Quality is always our key focus.

Respect for Your Time

We appreciate the time and effort you have already put in your manuscript, dissertation or thesis and we publish your work without letting you spend any more time unless it is absolutely required.

Global Distribution

We promote your published work in e-formats, paperbacks & hard covers through major online booksellers such as, Google Books and through our own distribution network.