We are a bunch of tree-hugging, nature loving environmentalists who have, over the years spent protecting the environment, acquired considerable Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) skills. We are now working to share these skills and knowledge with any social, environmental or academic organisation or institute through this Right Click Project.


New & Social Media offers very useful tools for NGOs and non-profits in helping them achieve their usually people-centric objectives. However, in order that the large number of online users — who are otherwise logged on to an even larger world wide web — make the “Right Click” and make some e-difference, it falls onto individual NGOs to use the right tools in the most effective manner!


We offer web consultancy, domain and hosting management, website design & development, webmarketing, content development & management for non-profits on a no-profit-no-loss basis. Being a non-profit ourselves, we understand the challenges and enthusiasm that drives the non-profit sector and are eager to empower emerging and existing social, environmental and academic initiatives through the use of New & Social Media!


Click here to view our portfolio! (And here to learn about a micro project aimed at the academic community called eChakra!)